Sunday, January 23, 2011

to claim the fabulous

expressing my inner fabulous is much easier to do with delightful clothing--and it inspires brilliance in others.

Last night I was at the Steampunk Exhibition Ball in Seattle. I was deeply inspired by the beauty of my fellow Volunteers and Attendees. I looked ok, too :)
I've been prompted by this event to finally create an outfit titled 'Adam Dove'. I'm still developing his back-concept, but essentially he's a glittering Cabaret Boy. In reference to Soiled Doves, he wears a reinvented tea-length satin skirt, fishnets and leather spats below his waistcoat (design as yet unconfirmed, but the satin on the pocket will match the skirt) and skirt-matching ascot. There will be a collared shirt but it may be sleeveless with a passunder sleeve design with multiple layers. We'll see whether the sleeves end in gloves with finishing details added over, or the gloves are separate.

He has no interest in 'passing', so he needs no stuffed bra thankyouverymuch. He's not here to worry about that. He's here to fuck...your gender, ever so sweetly and graciously. His brocade/beaded bag contains many useful things for many occasions and looks delightful hanging from his slightly limp wrist.

Random! and now, poetry!
just remember
what it looks like inside
is not always visible
striking chords depends
on the resolve of the interior

to the river before us
always never looking forward back to the
tension you have encouraged
in the instance of Persephone,
Hephaestus revealed with precision

Who of all of you
Casting your eyes on this grace
Is moved to venture on?
Do you lie there and let yourself
Wander through that hidden space?

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