Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My open letter to solidarity with Daniel Ellsberg

Dear Amazon Corporation,

I already disliked you because of your unethical response to the former Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, Inc. in Minneapolis, and was committed to buying only from individual sellers so you got less of my money. Now you've taken it too far. In protest to your mistreatment of Wikileaks, I am joining Daniel Ellsberg in refusing to use your site at all. Abebooks, Powells, and other companies will receive my business from now on.

Please consider your size and the harm you are enacting on Justice movements around the world. I will open a new account if I find out you become committed to Justice and make amends by apologising to the Wikileaks team, reinstate their account (with a year or more of free service) and tender an official apology complete with a financial settlement replacing the lawyer fees they spent to try to reclaim their rightful name to what is now True Colors bookstore in Minneapolis.

Until then, I'm voting with my dollar--and against you.

In Solidarity and Justice, Lance Worth

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Marriage = capitalism: it unifies physical possessions and allots literal (tax and finance) and metaphorical currencies to those to whom access granted.

If you disagree, check this: families who are 'federally married' usually perceived as more stable or legitimate.

I'm not hatin', just not participatin' in the capitalism of love. I'll still come to your wedding and celebrate with you though :)