Sunday, March 27, 2011


SO this song has hella oppressive lyrics but whatever. The emotional tone is correct  ^_^

Sorry I haven't blogged, texted, called, emailed.... It's been a rough couple years. Divorce, school, health issues, parent... yaknow. I should probably be emailing you now, but this blog post is a short reference for the letter I mean to send.

Last year I swore off love, was completely mad with the world. All was dark. And then this album started playing in my life.

Tracklist: INTERNET WARRIORZ ASSEMBLE, AHA I HAS FRENZ, WOT U MEEN HEALING, O I C COMmunity, Swore off love nope just sex OH CRAP LOVE? YES!, Wot You Mean Saef, OMGCOOL and that's just the beginning!

I fell so in love with my life that I decided to offer this album to you, my friend and or fan! For only 3 easy payments of $29.99, This 3 disc album will fill you in on The Complete Life Story '10-'11, As expressed by those more eloquently than I.

I'd like to call your attention to the 3rd album, which is an exploration of the Jester's work in my career: OMG WTF WORLD R U KIDDING ME, ThisCommunity's Shit Looks Like My Community's Shit Too, Where's the Book On My People: Movements 1, 2, and 3. I really want to call your attention to the Where's My Book Trilogy: I managed to completely interweave this process with a lifelong favorite of mine, BOOK SHOPPING OH YEAH. I've loved that song for years and it was like these three places in the music just popped up woven into it, so I couldn't help it!

After that comes Disc 3, AcademiDays. the prequel: The Greener Grad Writes a Contract. After that the movement, YOU MEAN THERE"S A GREENER CLASS FOR THAT: YAY, OMG, WTF begins. You'll see a sense of organization relevant to the earlier trilogy on Disc 1: Where's The Book, but from a backward dimension. Sort of an Academic Plateau but we'll come back to that disc later.

What you do there is you stop and switch back to The first set of tracks I mention, reexamine those within the skape of the tone created by the first half of the third album. Then it's off to Disc 2 which is sort of an interlayered conversation, between equal parts: Andrew Jackson Jihad: My Father Didn't Love Me, Peter, Bjorn & John - The Young Folks, Sarah McLachlan's Possession (My New Trick Pony for Karaoke Remix) and Soundbites from Zapp And Roger: More Bounce To The Ounce.

So now we go back to AcademiDays and pick up with the second half. It begins with a postscript for YMTAGC... a short punk piece called "Spring Break's A Waste". Then the story resumes with a cover of my favorite bands New Friends' tune from their album "ARE": The Scholarly People, an original again called From My Bed, and then Me First And The Gimmies' The End Of The Road (Yes totally a raunchy oppressive dude trying to be romantic song but fuck perfection, people who know me know how I mean this). Following up to this I realised something:

I'm spending all this time talking to people about trans stuff, relearning research so I can create Unmentioned Written Project On Trans Subject, ANd getting to hang out with folks more than I normally would which is looping back into my project being stimulated. Does this not sound like I have finally discovered my truest geekery?

My boyfriend up in Seattle and I have this HISTOQueer relationship and we're happy Disco Dance style. Neither of these are cracks about his age. He's juuuust too young for them to apply. But he's a Hairdresser On The Hill. Juuuust saying <3 And a lot of my research is up there too. Some folks up there I know beside, because of, led me to him.

BRB Living The Dream.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Funeral For A Friend

I don't normally write Slam but this was necessary before my head popped off.

"Funeral For A Friend"
The callow talking smack at a funeral
Beneath my boot as grit and I hit
The street again. I walk my Thunder
And I am in to take anybody down
I'm a Stryker; but I bring it with the
Clown, insane at the thought of you
Trying to bring my posse down—you'll
Think you're hard only til I start to frown.

The grease is slick on the street where
We meet with the Bats painted pink
Just to make you think was it twice
I said that thing to that one guy was he
Queer or Trans did I Bi him a drink to
Apologise to the kids in the room, the
Storm swelling now to spell my doom
And the cold gut sweat as we pass you by
THIS TIME but what

If you're thinking now we're a force to be recognised
We're a populace with our own sovereignty
As we seek our own serenity at a funeral
Don't you dare intermission, a Missionary
position is not desired, just sit a while, don't
Interrupt with a sermon cos Doggy Style's
The only way to keep from getting bitten now.