Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Awoke slick hard and trembling
to the stars and night sky day
analogy, knowing and wanting
to understand these complex
interweavings with the midpoint
threads looming, bound into
boundless freethinking. Howto
deflect by diameter when the truth
is both, dear, neither, and free each in
moments best kept interseparated?

The ways we touched our souls, selves
praygasping in the pew and aisle tell you
story's depth and intimate pride to stand
a crossroads within the start stop push
of the encouraging hand, stopping to rest
where clarity and confusion share a bed

I fear the lack of threat invested in the midpoint
his smooth, her rough and only when I
cease possessive rate of whose is whatshalli
movekissbreathewrithetouchandhow can I embody
the needed space, pleasure repeating in the patterns
and shifting spaces her, my, his, gasp, yes
and when I let myself want what will never happen
and when I let myself know this is no conflict
and when I let myself reflect this each to other
I crash trembling back into myself
troubled no more