Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Do love a favor: never
sing that song for him,
it stutters and breaks
adoring hearts. Never
sing that song for him,
the one you use to
seduce your own heart.

Never sing that song for
him; it makes love like
I wanted to
                 and still do.
If you favor him, guard
him from your own siren-
sweet, sonorous sibilance.
Save the ache for those
trailing behind you now.

Never sing that song for
him; that heroin dream
clouds the line 'tween
media and reality. It sells
a story of swings, porches
and wine; love made on hills
and long, slow-burning nights
that culminate in sunrise.
Kindly caution--if you care
for him--those fantastic flames.

Do love a favor: never
sing that song for him,
leave its melodies to me.
Flawed harmonies ache
rippling through my
throat. I wince worse
than anyone. Darling,
Do love a favor: let
me sing it one more
time with you.


"It ended bad, but I loved what we started..." ~ Fiona Apple

I am a bridge, you have crossed me
over into the arms of another. The
shimmering gleam bright on
the newfound day deeper shades
my hollow clouds.

My girders shake under the weight
yet again, lIt by hanDs more kindly
crafted than my own, nails shaped
by master craftsmen affixed to
ropes restricting range and power,
rapes existing from past lovers
rip my heart from underwater.

I'd better bring an umbrella;
anyone can see IT Looks Like Rain
around here.

We'll look around at downed trees--
I'll despair, you'll delight. You'll see
a playground and I a land mine, but
I'll never hate your innocent mind.

Sunset is all I have, fading slowly
Into The Dark, where only stars
remain. But I'm not looking anymore,
and neither are you. We've both got
our reasons, insulated from each other,
private power lines that once