Friday, November 26, 2010

Love Letters to Life in General

Dear you, dear me, and the rest of the world too:

We came into this world formed perfect. Our perfect message and mission, our knowledge of self, our ways of being and loving accounted for within our miens and means.

Remember that you hold the power you need, and that you may preserve it as you feel. Remember the gifts that are yours alone to bring. Remember we live our truths as we know them, and that this is exactly as it should be.

God as we understand God to be has led us to where we are for exactly that reason. We connect and part as we grow and we are free. Provided that we seek our wisest way of being, provided we speak our safest truths, choose our sacred intention, and continue to change and nurture and grow, we do right by ourselves, do right by our families blood and chosen, and right by God as we understand God to be.

I love you. You're perfect. Love yourself and your own perfection and processes. Please remember your light and love are brilliant, and so are you.

Love, Me.

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