Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mostly Sincere

This is your secret love note
a sticky square marring a wall, bare,
with seemingly meaningless phrase.
I posted it when I knew you wouldnt be there
You'd arrive after I was gone
off to dance with monsters.

Illogical confessions: I'm afraid of the clear mirror
I disappear to keep the beast from baying in your ear.
Glib reasoning offends with polite mistruths
Plays possum to the pounding boots of another
Hardly breathing in a forest; dying of thirst in a bar

Witness the one who doesnt know what they want
Witness the one who doesn't know who they are.
The Lord loves the sheep; leading Himself to a slaughter
The Lady looks upon Queen Anne's Fool.

How can I convince you to fight fire with water?
I should say, without teaching you to starve at banquets by mistake.
Jumping out of windows should not be attempted
Until you know you're on the 14th floor or higher.
Most people sign these notes 'most sincerely';
Mine will have to read 'sincere, mostly'.

So I just found out that my friend and his wife might come take care of me for awhile after surgery. I'm really hoping that pans out. Being a single dad, surgery--while necessary--is gonna suck.I just need to get the money together. So buy my poetry will ya? Or a Legalize Trans* shirt:

Show your support for my needs--and the rights of all trans folks--with this shirt. Proceeds go to my surgery and Aiden's, too. Click photo or link above.

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